Music Programs

The benefits of playing an instrument are endless! Let Illumine Star Academy be your guide and take you on a journey of musical discoveries and life-long enjoyment! Please read our

ACADEMY POLICY carefully before registering for lessons/classes. 


PIANO - all levels

Led by academy director and pianist Dr. Rosy Ge, all music teachers at Illumine Star have solid teaching backgrounds. These lessons are designed for anyone who wishes to begin their journey on the piano in any style.


PRIVATE LESSONS: 30 mins - 60 mins. 

GROUP PIANO: Gives students the chance to learn the basics of playing the keyboard in a relaxed, positive environment. 

- Adult Beginners*- Small class size and literature catered to adult beginners! Class time and curriculum flexible to fit individual groups

- Little Mozart* (4-6 yrs.) - A fun way to discover the joys of playing piano with friends! Group lessons offer children a very positive and social environment where they can learn and grow together. Class meets once a week / 1 hour for 15 weeks. At the end of the session,                  students will gain the confidence and knowledge to transition to private lessons. 

*Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 

VOICE - all levels

 Soprano and Alexander Technique specialist Dr. Mei Lee is a dedicated teacher that specializes in classical vocal training.These lessons are designed for anyone who wishes to find their voice in any style.


PRIVATE LESSONS: 30 mins - 60 mins.

ADULT GROUP VOICE*: Gives adult students the chance to learn the basics of singing techniques in a relaxed, positive environment. 

CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE*: kids learn singing basics and note-reading skills with favourite songs and rhymes. 

*Curently unavailable due to COVID-19 


Online small group classes to prepare students for RCM theory examinations.

VIOLIN - beginner to intermediate

Violinist and educator Xiaoyang Xu is very experienced in the Suzuki Violin Method. She specializes in building a strong and solid technical foundation, enabling students to progress onto advanced levels with ease and confidence. 

MUSIKGARTEN | Early Childhood Music Education*

*Currently unavailable due to COVID-19

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