An Early Childhood Music Education program that will help toddlers and children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it!

AURAL EMPHASIS: Musikgarten emphasize active, thoughtful participation, not entertainment

ENVIRONMENT: At Musikgarten, we include nature as part of our classroom

REPUTATION: Musikgarten has an impeccable track record 


The Cycle of Seasons is a musical celebration of the four seasons using activities that build on the child's growing independence and competencies. It nurtures the children's ability to use language and capitalizes on their delight in dramatic play within the musical context.

Lessons are filled with songs, movement activities, exploration of instruments and imaginative stories for children to make their own.  Children's moving, singing, verbal and listening skills will be inspired, along with tapping into children's vivid imaginations and lay the foundation for creative development via story-telling and poetry. For children ages 3-5.

Blooming Flower Finger Exercise
Old MacDonald with Maracas
Rhythm Clapback
Learning Black Key Groups on the Piano
Student demonstrating solfege hand signs
Solfege Hand Signs

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